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What do you want exactly? A hunting gun? A Target gun? Just saw, a target rifle. That is really helpful to know to send you on the right path. As for your budget? Things are kinda close price wise. I mean, there are some budget durr rifles out there for 300 to upper 400, but they're budget for a reason. There is some quality mil-surp out there. A Mauser or an Enfield would be great rifles to have, accurate too. Now if we are talking about Semi-auto. There is the SKS, but those are starting to get pretty pricey unfortunately. Low end AKs. You definitely won't get an AR. Maybe a lower and all the lower parts, but not a barreled upper. Auto-loading durr rifles are out of the question price wise too. You could join the CMP, assuming you're 'Merican, and then get yourself an M1 Garand for 600 dollars. Very few quality rifles fall under 500 dollars. If you want a Shotgun, or a Pistol then you have all sorts of choices. Rifles? Not much besides mil-surp and budget hunting rifles.

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