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4/26/2014 9:10:02 PM

World War 2 Tech! (SPW 250/9 "Neu")

The SPW 250/9 "Neu" was a reconnaissance half track used by the Germans during World War 2, it was produced in 1943-1945? (Not sure don't quote me on that, but I am going to assume it is a late war design). This was attached to aufklarungs (Recon) formations to assist in armored reconnaissance, as was its half track variant (250/1). This model is equipped with a 20mm cannon and a machine-gun, placed within an armored turret. There are actually two variants of this specific model, the "alt" and "Neu". "Neu" if you could guess means new in English, this model was a more economic and cheaper variant to produce compared to the "alt" because of its sloped sides, instead of the alts bulbous ones. The turret that is placed on the "Neu" is actually an exact copy of the one placed on the SDKFZ 222 reconnaissance armored car ([url][/url], which also shares the same armament obviously. This was as short one but I hope you guys enjoyed this little gem, they are extremely rare vehicles and I had to dig a bit to find that picture in the OP. I find them to be pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself...

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