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Изменено (Toler Supreme): 4/16/2014 4:54:25 PM
After a decade of my time spent dedicated to this company and their games, I am done. I have watched as the company has slowly changed over time. Losing Frankie hurt. Losing jamie griesemer hurt. Staten hurt more than them. But Marty WAS the SOUL and HEART of Bungie. This was just a massive loss on Bungies part. The ONLY good that could come of this is if microsoft and 343 grab Marty for the Halo franchise again. But truthfully, this is a very painful moment as a fan of this company, and It has made me feel like it's time to move on from this site and from the community. I no longer have any ties with Bungie that mean anything to me. Can any long-standing member of this community straight-on tell me that Bungie hasn't changed? Because I really feel like since the announcement of Destiny, the company doesn't even act the same way as they used to. The weekly updates feel different than they did years go, the employees are different, I feel like the companies general attitude is different. Years back they felt like they were THE BEST company that involved the community and was extremely vocal towards this community. It all feels like Bungie is so secretive and quiet now, with a different face.

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