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Изменено (SquirrellyOtter): 4/16/2014 8:21:06 PM

Boycott For Marty

[i]CLARIFICATION: This is really a pursuit of truth. Neither Bungie nor Marty has told us everything. The way I see it, the ball is in Bungie's court. Marty can claim they fired him "without cause" but that just doesn't happen. The higher-ups at Bungie definitely did have a reason for firing him, but given that they've sat on the news for nearly a week and then tossed a tiny "wish you well" note once Marty scooped them, they are hiding something. This call for a boycott is merely a vehicle to obtain that truth.[/i] [b][u]ORIGINAL POST[/u][/b] Here's my take on this unfolding fiasco Bungie finds themselves in: The rank-and-file might know, and certainly care, more than Deej is letting on concerning Marty's release. However, orders from on-high are to keep this quiet, on pain of termination. I don't think any board of directors goes on their forums to get the reactions of the fans and act accordingly. I personally don't trust people with that much power in any given situation, and this is exactly why. So how do we convince the executives to make this right at least by us and tell us a fuller, truer story? We put our money where our mouth is, and boycott Destiny in every form until they deign to share the truth with the true highest power in the economy: the customers. Refuse to play the beta. This will pain everyone involved, players and programmers. But we're already in pain, and if you play the beta, you are accepting the idea that executives can treat us this way and get away with it; that we're nothing but loyal dogs who instantly come running when called and given a treat. We're not their bitches. So prove it. If you're like me and have yet to preorder, don't. If you really want to hurt them, cancel your existing preorder. Again, we're not their dogs. The ultimate power rests in the customers holding the company responsible. Don't play anything out of the Bungie store. No t-shirts, no hoodies, no other merchandise or swag. Refuse, until Bungie levels with us like they ought to have from the beginning. "But Otter, if this takes off and the boycott takes a wide effect, won't that hurt people who weren't involved in this? That isn't right either." You're absolutely right. Here's the problem: after decades of priding themselves as being an unconventional, casual company, Bungie's board of directors has revealed they are no different than any corporate board you might despise. And they speak only one language: money. If they want to risk their company and the innocent employees on covering up the truth, that is on them, not us. And realistically, Bungie employees will get picked up elsewhere or form another start-up, because they are the best of the best in the industry. We shouldn't have to accept this from the legendary company that brought us some of the best games in the decade, and brought us together as a community we named ourselves in their honor. And if you want to honor Marty O'Donnell, who had a direct hand in creating "the Bungie experience" we all know and love, then join me in making a stand for the truth. Boycott. For Marty, and for tru7h.

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