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Изменено (Banned Ninja): 4/16/2014 4:53:55 PM

First Joe, Now Marty, who's next?! Bungie we need an explanation.

I won't be surprised if more and more people will be fired at this rate. The founder of the company also left without a word of explanation, maybe it was the same reason Marty was fired. Something is happening with this Destiny project, and maybe it isn't good. You don't fire the guy who recieved award for his music. He created the number one OST for a videogame. It's like the Jamaican Olympic team kicking off Usain Bolt off their team! I don't care what kind of PR storm Bungie might have to deal with if they disclose the reason why Marty was letgo because if they don't, this community will obviously fall apart. Whatever you're doing Bungie please stop and make a U-turn before going over the edge. The reason why you're games were not the best wasn't the funding, but the brains behind the masterpiece. [b]You guys wanted independence from MS so badly and now that your leaders brought that to the company you fire them off?! It's like executing the founding fathers of USA right after the revolutionary war was won![/b] If Destiny is a flop, I will not feel bad for this scummy company. I will not feel bad for the company, and if does flop I hope the company tanks because of it. [i][u][b]If you want to fire Marty, don't use his work.[/b][/u][/i] [quote]Change your avatar to support Marty. Change your name to support Marty. Sign this Marty petition. Add #Marty2014 and #MartyMovement to your hashtags. And most important, COPY PASTA THE SHIT OUT OF THIS TOPIC[/quote]

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