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Изменено (DesticleStomper6): 4/10/2014 4:27:29 AM

a long time ago in an online community far far away...

[b]FORUM WARS[/b] As we all know once one finds themselves a home among the intertoobz we all eventually get to know more and become kind of internet buddies with other frequenters of whichever online discussion outlet you reside in. But perhaps certain individuals get a little too comfortable, posting pictures and information that is more personal and in some recent cases just downright revealing. This is a trap that these unfortunate victims get them selves into. For whatever reason they forget about the consequences of screwing up on the internet and suddenly envision this facade of a safe place and gain a false sense of security. False. This may be your "home", but do not forget, you are on the internet. It should be universally understood from the beginning that everything you post is there forever and that the internet is swarming with individuals with malicious intent. I've seen this happen elsewhere not too long ago, not gonna mention names or places or any other specifics. Someone else here may know what I'm referring to. But nonetheless those people basically had their real lives at least mildly affected, its just a matter of how one takes this kind of attention. Thankfully i followed my gut and opted out of revealing any of my info and just watched fate take its course on the others. Sad to see that this kind of situation has taken place here as well, as me and others have told you about posting in such threads. But hopefully from this point on you all will learn from it. No disrespect to the victims here. Just a reminder: this is the internet.

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