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4/7/2014 12:20:26 AM

Panzer Grenadier Tactics Video from 1944

This is a really cool piece of history, this video was shown to officers in the German army to teach them how to properly plan and execute an attack on a soviet position in support of friendly units. In this particular case it is teaching how to attack with a Panzergrenadier force, which is mechanized infantry (Meaning these guys use armored half tracks to get around). This video is a real treat because you get to see some vehicles that don't exist anywhere in the world in action, like the Jagdpanzer 4 early with the 75mm from the Panzer 4, to the SDKFZ 251 with the 20mm AA gun which actually fires in the video! There is also some great footage of Heavy MG-42's firing and just some interesting looks into how the German army operated at the time, there are plenty of these scattered around the net so I will probably be posting more. I should note however that most of this is "Fantasy" I mean mechanized infantry attacking and jumping out of half tracks right outside enemy fortifications is kind of silly, especially against Soviet units which more than likely had sufficient AT assets and AT rifles, so commonly the half tracks would stay a safe distance. What this video does a great job of showing is how they reconnoiter enemy positions and routes of advance and how they plan the attack as well in coordination with infantry and armor.

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