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4/3/2014 7:34:19 AM

Paypal Help!!!!

I have just made a Paypal account and an Ebay account pretty much so I can just buy some stuff on Ebay. Now I have linked a Prepaid Visa Debit card to Paypal as that is what I was going to use to upload money from that into my Paypal account. However, when I go to add funds (using the 'Add Funds' link), Paypal keeps giving me this message to link over my bank account. Now I don't want to link over my bank account as I want my Prepaid Debit card to be the only thing linked over. I reluctantly linked my bank account over just to see if maybe that would make me able to add funds, however, when I go to add funds, it is still giving me the random option to add a bank account. Now is this meant to happen? FYI, I haven't completed my bank account link as I need to put in two amounts that Paypal has deposited into my account (a security measure) so I need to wait for my bank statement to come through. Also my account isn't verified so would this be causing this issue? And on the side note, do I need to have my bank account linked to Paypal so I can add funds into my Paypal account or can I just leave it at having my Prepaid Debit card linked?

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