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Enigma Machine Simulator

Ever wonder how the infamous enigma machine worked? have you ever wanted to encode a message like it did back in World War 2? WELL NOW YOU CAN! With the German enigma machine simulator, simply choose which model and configuration you are going to use and encrypt your message! You can send messages to who ever the hell you want and as long as you tell them the configuration of the machine they can decode it. Now I don't know why you would want to send a secret encoded message but it sure is fun! Go ahead give it a shot and place your encoded message below and have people try to decode it, remember to include the configuration you are using otherwise no one will be able to figure it out. Heres mine- ZJUW KUAR GDXF QIVR EYWB YBRH GFWK ZTBZ Type- M3 (Navy, Army, Airforce) everything else below it is unchanged.

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