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I need a new PC game to play

So I'm looking for a new game, but have know idea where to start. Some things I'm looking for (note; it does not have to fulfill every one of these requirements, but I would prefer if it could meet more than half of them): -available for PC -A good, solid story -several hours of gameplay -something with cut-scenes that aren't half-assed(I've had enough games where the cutscenes consist of character A and character B's pictures in front of a mostly static back ground while dialogue is presented in the form of text boxes across the bottom of the screen) -plenty of action(as in, nothing turn based. I've got enough games in the turn based strategy department to last for a long time. Also, no point and click adventures) -preferably on steam(since I already have $20 in my steam wallet) -Not an elder scrolls or fallout game(though other similar games could work) -preferably the visuals and environments should wow me. I don't need it to be the most graphically sophisticated and impressive game ever, but I definitely don't want something that looks like it was made to be played on a GBA, or as a browser flash game So, guys, please give me your best suggestions.

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