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Are girlfriends 'overrated'





Yes, yes don't we all hate that word [i]overrated[/i] but I only use it when i strongly feel someone/something is overrated like Tupac. Why do we need a woman to be happy when we've got: * Bros to hang out with * Video games to enjoy * A body to build * Movies / TV shows to watch * Skills to improve (art for me) + many more! I'll admit I'm a beta who was never confident around woman and never had a girlfriend but that never stopped me from enjoying my life. During a period of my life back in junior years when life was simple (played Halo 2 all day and watched Jake Long: American Dragon) I wanted a GF because almost everyone around me had a partner so I thought there was something wrong with me. I pity the next guy who says [i]tfw when no gf[/i] Now that I've grown older, experienced certain moments in life and overcame peer pressure I have to say woman are the least of my concerns. How about you flood?

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