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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (Beortnoth): 1/20/2014 6:28:48 AM

Awesome Easter Egg/Wishful thinking?

Bungie! You've got me so hyped for this game it's unbelievable :) Firstly, I'm hoping this is the right area for me to post this; I have an idea (or rather a request that I'm certain will not be fulfilled but hey why not) of something you could add into your amazing world that is destiny. We all know space magic is ****ing awesome but there is one thing (imo) that comes really close (almost on par) to being equally as awesome as space magic and that is space Vikings. So, I think it would be simply brilliant if you were to add (I don't know if swords have even been confirmed for player use or not) a Viking sword as a quest reward into the game. Maybe a sword that looks like the Iron Longsword from Skyrim or a traditional 5-Lobed Sword. Why would we bother you ask? Well it would be a really cool nod to/easter egg for all the Skyrim/general RPG lovers out there like me and hey who doesn't think a gun-toting, Viking-sword-wielding Space Viking is awesome?! Does anyone else think this a great idea? And does anyone else have any ideas of little things that would make really cool Easter eggs/awesome surprise items for player use? I once again apologise if this is posted in the incorrect area. (First post here) Also I will note that regardless of whether a Viking sword is available in game I will still purchase, play, and love Destiny :)

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