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12/28/2013 3:29:59 AM

Some PC upgrading questions.

Hello there, I have some PC hardware inquiries for you. So it turns out that my parents got me the Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Red keyboard for Christmas. I did ask for a mechanical keyboard but I didn't specify a particular switch and after some more research I have decided that I would prefer the Blue or Brown switches. I can exchange the MX Red K70 for another keyboard. But I'm not sure which one to exchange it for.. I do really like the K70 layout and such but I really don't care for the silver/gunmetal aluminum keyboard chassis that the K70 Blue or Brown appears to only be in. I haven't found the red backlight and black aluminum keyboard chassis K70 of Blu or Brwn; but if there is one, please tell me and link it! --So what are some other great Blue or Brown MX Switch keyboards out there?? I know the Razer Blackwidow is an option but I don't like the keyboard functions and layout as much as the K70.. My second thing is this: my parents also are going to get me the GTX 780(I'm extremely surprised that they are willing to do so..!) Anyways, when I built my PC a couple years ago, I got the GTX560(non Ti) and a 500W PSU.. And so the GPU upgrade is fantastic but I know I'm going to have to purchase my own PSU upgrade. I just don't feel safe with havering a 780 and only a 500W PSU.. So I'm thinking on getting a modular 750W Gold rated PSU but I am not sure which one to get.. I am not a big stickler for noise but I do want a cool and quiet one if possible. I don't need any special functions other than low power in idle and sleep and quickly goes up to what's needed for the 780. If you have any suggestions of PSU's -especially links, I will greatly appreciate that! And my last question is what component(s) of mine will most likely throttle/bottleneck the 780?? Specs:: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard Intel i5 2500K Sandy Bridge CPU overclocked to 4.0GHz Nvidia GTX 560(non Ti) OCZ 500Watt 80Plus modular power supply 8GB(2 x 4GB) Crucial DDR3 1660 RAM Hyper 212+ cooler HAF 912 case 1 TB -Hitachi storage Windows 7 So to recap: Do you have any recommendations for a great Cherry MX Blue or Brown mechanical keyboard and a 750W modular PSU?? And which component(s) should I next upgrade(eventually) to reduce the bottlenecking in performance?? Thanks for reading and your feedback!

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