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11/2/2013 8:29:28 PM

What happens to the unlucky guardians, Bungie?

Regarding the recent Mail Sack Q&A on the Weekly Update, the matter of reviving and failure states led to opening up a speculative discussion of why Bungie gave an already present answer and would shy away from discussing the failure state beyond that. Vice Wolfe told me: [quote]Perhaps its that it reverts the players back to a checkpoint like in the Halo games, but that's really not all that fluid from a linear story point of view, which is why they are reluctant to answer. That's my guess at least.[/quote] My responding theory and suggestion for Bungie to consider is that there could be that or there could be something higher stakes like getting extracted and sent back to the City and losing glimmer or loot in the process, which could add depth to the mentality of the gameplay with loss mechanics; this would enhance the investment into the experience, which is a stone's throw away from immersion. Players could become "desperate" knowing that if they fail to stay alive, they risk their battle gains and progress being lost through failure. It's nothing bleak and punishing as a complete character reset, nor as contrived and soft as a simple respawn. It encourages skillful play and teamwork for players who want to go all the way, but adds a situation-gauging game for less experienced players to know when is the right time to pull out and make do with what you have, though I suppose the latter could be viewed negatively, leading to a reluctance to share the detail. Considering what Bungie wants, it could be a complicated situation for them to choose between revealing that or waiting until we experience it in the beta. What would you suggest to Bungie regarding what happens when an entire fireteam falls and nobody is around to revive them? Would you see differences between private and public failures?

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