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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
10/28/2013 6:55:42 PM

Desti-Nation interviews DeeJ: Community Questions Answered

Head to the link if you'd like to read the interview: [url][/url] Or if not, read it here... FraserBaws: Split screen in Destiny - yay or nay? DeeJ: That's not an announcement that we've made. FraserBaws: Factions - what are they and how can players influence them as a whole? DeeJ: Factions are a component of the world of Destiny. Factions are something that we will play with over time. It's a product of the human civilization and it'll be a component of multiplayer. Closer to the Beta or during the Beta I think players will learn a little bit more about how factions influence the Destiny experience. FraserBaws: How will players be able to share their experiences online? E.g. Theater or video recording DeeJ: Those feature sets like that haven't been announced yet. We're obviously very keen on players telling their own war stories. This is going to be a game about personal stories so we're certainly hoping that players will share and talk about their experiences and I'm personally very excited to see what the share button on the PS4 has in store for us. We're definitely going to be paying attention to our community and amplifying those voices that tell the most interesting stories about what happened to them in the world of Destiny. FraserBaws: Any plans on a special edition of Destiny? DeeJ: Perhaps. FraserBaws: Vehicles - will they be earned, built or bought? DeeJ: Everything in Destiny is earned. The progression system in Destiny is a product of defeating your enemies and completing your missions so the more you play the game the more you will have new tools to make you more dangerous or nimble, to make you a better Guardian. FraserBaws: Any plans to use any of the special features of next gen? E.g. Kinect or Touch pad on PS4 DeeJ: Certainly. We have next gen dev kits in the studio. We are playing with them and seeing what these new systems have to provide. You'll understand those plans once you get the controller in your hand, until then it's all a matter of development. FraserBaws: It was said previously that space combat is not a focus in Destiny. Does this imply there will be no space combat in Destiny at all? DeeJ: The focus of Destiny is first person action. Space exploration is definitely a major theme of story that we're telling but when you think about your adventure in Destiny you should look forward to a great boots on the ground adventure... when you're standing toe-to-toe with your enemies and engaging in the heart-pounding first person shooter action that Bungie has always been known for. FraserBaws: Will there be cross-generation character saves? DeeJ: That's an interesting question and something that will have to wait to explain until we fully understand the ramifications of how these new generations and current generations will co-operate with each other, so it's not a question I can answer right now. FraserBaws: Will you be able to customise your pike/sparrow? DeeJ: I'm going to leave that for you to discover, just because the customization is one of the ways that we can surprise you in this game. The rewards that you earn shouldn't be something that you're anticipating, they'll definitely be meant for you. The private loots streams in Destiny are things that will be meaningful; these rewards will always be meaningful. Your armour, your gear, your weapons are all customizable. Every Guardian does have a Pike. We'll see if that's something that you can tweak out as you play the game.

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