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Изменено (pewpewpistol): 10/11/2013 12:15:27 AM

Just played Ps4! Long descriptions!

It was amazing, the wait was worth it! The controller, killzone, Bf4, Knack, and drive club + Play Room! The graphics were amazing! I guess i should say one thing at a time first i'll talk about the DS4. DS4: The texture was gripping, the touch pad was useful, the triggers just hugged your fingers, the analog stick's indents held your fingers, and the D-pad amazing as always! The texture lets you grip well, i felt like i would never drop it, plus it was comfy when holding. The weight is Great! weighs more than the Ds3 and a little more than the 360 controller. The trigger felt, well, like a trigger! You could just rest your fingers in them and never slip out. The analog sticks were gripping, no more slipping with the rounded heads. The touch pad IS NOT a gimmick, it was used a lot in knack, killzone, and in drveclub+playroom. The blue LED wasn't noticeable at all in the T.V. Plus it is bigger than the Ds3, 360, and one remotes. Killzone Shadowfall: Ran at 1080p, multiplayer 50 fps. Impressive 1080p, looked like a Pc game, and it feels a lot better now that it isn't as tight in gameplay. The shotguns were fun as heck to use and touch pad stuff was used from using the owl to using weapons and using it to open up doors. Battlefield 4: At about 720-920p, not sure, but at 60 fps. Felt great and looked way better than current gen, plus you don't die as soon as the building starts to fall. The Ds4 really came in here, the rumble was impressive and the microphone in the controller gave sounds of bullets wizzing by, granades rolling on the ground, and foot steps and when you drop your mag. Knack: Not sure what the resolution and fps was but it looked 1080p, still have no idea fps though. But the gameplay was fun as hell! Getting bigger and smashing things, touch pad used almost constantly, and the most fun was finding out new moves! Feels just like crash bandicoot and ratchet and clank mixed! Really fun! Drive Club: 1080p 60 FPS!!! It was amazing! The wilderness was breath taking and the races were intense! I had an awesome blue race car with dark blue and white lightning bolts on it with my last name engraved on the back! When it rains, it looks real life and NO LAG at all! Playroom: Impressive ways to use the controller and to use the camera. The little robots went crazy when i threw a beach ball in for them to play! Best was if you tried to hit them, they would jump over your hand+the Big robot in the one mode would catch your head on fire! LOL. But if you were nice, he would rub against your cheek and would start dancing and would give you hive fives! The Ps4 is a GREAT console and i am mind blown from what i saw. I will be standing in a line like this in about a month for the november 15th midnight. The Ds4 is amazing and really brings the gameplay to life. Just by playing it, it felt like i had always had it because it was so easy to get the hang of the controls. Sony really out did themselves. Can't wait to pick this up next month.

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