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College/Career Advice

Hello. Despite the fact that I just made this account, I've been on Bungie.Net since the Halo 3 days. I'm entering my senior year of High-school and I'm planning on majoring in Computer Science and maybe pursuing a Game Developing career after graduating. I'm taking AP Computer Science Java, AP Calculus AB, AP Physics C, and AP Statistics in my final year of High-school. Math has always come naturally to me and the teachers I talk to are supportive of my career goals. I'm considering going to Carnegie Melon, Cornell, or Columbia to get a B.S in Computer Science. Are there any books or websites you can recommend to a person who wants to get a head start learning on Computer/Game Programming? If I recall, Bungie employees used to respond to posts around here. If possible can any member who has a computer programming position respond to this please. Thank You.

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