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8/20/2013 11:48:36 PM

Sony Takes Another Shot at Microsoft's Xbox One

[quote]Looks like Sony's PlayStation people can't resist mocking the Xbox One every time they're in a room with at least several hundred people, judging by today's presentation at Gamescom—a video game trade fair held in Germany. Not only did Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, reveal the PlayStation 4's release date, he also claimed that the PS4 has been "consistent" with its message and "in tune" with consumer desires. His remarks likely reference the about-face in policies that the Xbox One took, and in doing so, sets up a contrast to Sony's approach in marketing the PS4. Of course, this isn't the first time Sony has taken a shot at the Xbox One.[/quote] Seriously. Sony is incredibly immature. They're acting like hormone raging college girls at a One Direction concert. We get it. Microsoft really dropped the ball with their message of the XB1, but it's getting old. They keep trying to take potshots at the XB1, where surprisingly, the XB1 has not tried to take revenge yet. It's like the all the Sony buttbudies are running the company now. Also, it's not like Sony hasn't misinformed the public about their policies either before with the PS4. They are treading on the hypocrite line as well. Getting tired of your shit Sony. inb4xb1fanboy inb4opcan'tinb4 inb4-blam!-you

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