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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (DEZARATH): 7/29/2013 9:21:06 PM

Charity DLCs and Micro Transactions?

You know considering the broad base of this Mythic-Scifi adventure Bungie is working on it lends itself to the other stories that have come before it. Now many players decry Micro-Transactions but what if those DLCs went to a good cause? There's a lot of fan bases out there and I got to thinking of subtle cross over props that these fan bases would love to carry into their Destiny experience. I was joking about the Death Star being added to Destiny with the PC mod community getting its hands on Destiny. But consider the draw of adding a DeathStar or the speeders from Return of the Jedi as a Sparrow. Those items could easily help some charities out there. What Browncoat fan of Firefly wouldn't want Nathion Fillion reprising his role as Mal as a personal Ghost or Brown Coat jackets for Warlocks. Little subtle Easter eggs from various scifi movies and media that each one of us enjoy all going towards a trust meant help the less fortunate. Now don't get your nose bent of of joint. This is just for fun and simply meant to fish for ideas and conversation. The legal ramifications are so daunting you guys who want to shout "No" I can only say duh you think? But for fun, what item from another scifi fandom would you throw a twenty at to take into Destiny with you?

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