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Изменено (MeKoreanUdieNow): 6/10/2013 9:21:07 PM

Friend or Foe? (Crossing Paths)

So in Destiny we know there will be a story mode, some kind of PVP mode, and some kind of instance based questing mode. We know that when you are out and about Questing that there is a good chance that someone is going to cross paths with you. So far the crossing of paths has mostly been shown to be a positive thing. "A Guardian pops out of the background just in time to save your sorry ass." is usually what we've heard happens. But there have been a few hints that this Guardian that appears could attack instead of aid. I've mostly noticed these little hints in the Mail sack. A few months ago someone had mentioned how they trusted someone and gave them a ride somewhere, and how it ended badly (I'm paraphrasing) and just in the last mailsack (or the one before the last one, can't remember) Someone was saying something along the lines of "My favorite part is when you cross with guardians and you have the choice to either [redacted]" What were the choices? He says either, so it's two different things which leads me to believe that you have the choice to either aid, or kill the other guardian. If this is how it works, then it only leads me to more questions. How does the loot work? What's to stop me from helping the guardian then deciding to kill them after we reach Charlemagne's Vault? Will it be like EVE where the PVPers are marked in red? So stoked for E3 my mind is just racing. Your thoughts?

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