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10/2/2023 12:26:24 AM

Game intermittently crashes while going to Journey screen in UI

Noticed this the other day, thought it a random issue but happened again today. After going through some triumphs and returning to the top level of the Journey page, I noticed an odd white rectangle extending vertically from the 2 bubble on the screen. I moved to the character screen, no issues. Moved back to Journey screen, it stopped panning over at the point that rectangle was at and froze. After about 10 seconds the game crashed. I don't have a recording of this, will try to take a screenshot of it should this happen again in the future and I notice it. But only started happening last week. I've verified my game files, ensured nothing is wrong with the drive Destiny 2 is installed on. And I've had no other issues with the game in regards of crashes except this one.
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