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10/1/2023 2:41:42 AM

Clanmate's Account Hacked - Bungie Name is Now Inappropriate & Name Change Token Gone

My clan mate recently got hacked and his Bungie name was changed to something referencing children inappropriately. This used up his one name change token. We believe this name violates Bungie's ToS (implicit or explicit -blam!- terms, etc) and he would like it wiped back to the default Guardian#____ name so he can comfortably play again and not get banned. How do we do this? We didn't want to report him in-game in case it banned him. He is afraid to make a post himself in case the hacker(s) somehow gain access again and wipe the post. He's changed his passwords, email, and added 2FA. There is also an Epic Games account linked to his Bungie account that is NOT his - it's the HACKER'S. Any advice? He's already in the process of contacting EG. Thanks!

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