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5/15/2021 3:02:17 PM

Can't play bought content

I'll try my best to explain what's wrong, last night I bought beyond light on sale on playstation. After beating ir I looked up how to do the hawkmoon quest and went to crow and was told I needed beyond light. It told me it was a season problem so then I just bought the season pass for the current season in hopes it would work, no big deal, but it didn't. Then I found out to access it I needed to actually get the deluxe version which I went ahead and bought. This all costed me around 70-80$ and I still can't obtain the hawkmoon quest from Crow. And to avoid a question being asked, my friend unlocked the mission with me and has progressed just fine, it's only me. Can I please get access to it and maybe silver compensation for buying the same dlc twice. I have emails to confirm my purchases, I'm a playstation player as well.

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