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Xbox Series X Still Crashing After Update

I have been unable to play Destiny 2 on my console since Tuesday. The game loads fine and I can select my character, but whenever I load into a destination the game crashes and hard crashes my console. I have 3 friends online and 1 playing Destiny 2 (but they are on PC). This is so incredibly frustrating. I just really would like to be able to play the game. Below I have copied [url=]my post from reddit[/url] which further details some of the actions I have taken to resolve this issue (with no success). Hopefully that is helpful (apologies for now fixing the formatting...) **Update 4:** I just tried two more things with no success. First I plugged the console directly into the wall, rather than a power strip. Still crashed at the same point. Next, someone told be to try clearing my cache at the Destiny title screen ([referring to this post](*me891p*cid*YW1wLW8ySWZqRkg2OWFQS3hRWGlFblU2U1E)). It involved holding LB+RB+down on the d-pad at the title screen until it begins to log you in. But again, it still crashed at the same spot. **Update 3:** Just removed 5 friends, did a hard restart of the console (held power button for 5 seconds), booted Destiny back up, selected a destination, and it crashed when loading into the destination. So I do not think my issue lies with the friends list issue others have had (as my total is now down to 16). **Update 2:** So last night I uninstalled D2 again, did a reset of my console again (with the Keep My Games and Apps option), and then reinstalled D2. I then logged on this morning to try playing, but unfortunately it still experiences the same crash. I have tried some additional tests by playing on my wireless connection vs. wired, and unplugging my external HDD (which D2 is not installed on, it's on the internal SSD). None of these have helped. It has also been brought to my attention that I have "double NAT". I am aware of this, it is not intentional, and I am looking into getting it resolved. However, I have been playing with my current network setup for quite some time now and have not had any issues with any game until last Tuesday with Destiny. So to test if this was actually an issue I connected my console to my phone's wireless hotspot. Once connected, I checked the NAT type—it is "Open". Then I booted up Destiny, selected a destination, and it then crashed once again right when it was about to load into the destination. **Things I have not tried yet:** Resetting/rebooting my router and toggling on/off UPnP settings (I have other users on the network right now so that will have to wait to after business hours), an entire reset of my console (I have done the reset with the "Keep My Games and Apps" option, however), logging into my console with another user's Xbox account and playing Destiny. **Update:** Thanks for everyone who has replied and given me advice and suggestions, unfortunately Destiny is still crashing. Most recently I did a “reset” of the console by going to: Settings > System > Console Info > Reset > Reset and Keep my Games and Apps. I had mild success with this and I was finally able to successfully load into a destination (the first mission of this season). However, after about 5 minutes of playing it hard crashed my console again. I tried launching Destiny again multiple times and it would begin to crash whenever it tried loading into a destination, just like before. So I’m back to square one. Overnight I’m planning to uninstall Destiny, do another reset of my console, and reinstall Destiny. We’ll see if that has any success… Original Post: One week later and I still cannot play Destiny 2—my favorite game. The game still crashes my Xbox Series X whenever I try loading in to the first seasonal mission. I thought for sure it would be fixed with [the update at the end of last week](, especially when they wrote this line in the [TWAB]( >We had some Honeydew errors early on, but our team of experts buckled down to commune with our servers and fix the issues so you could get back to playing. Our deepest apologies to anyone who had their gameplay delayed. Check out the Player Support Report below for the latest on any ongoing issues we are tracking. > > >**Despite some hiccups, the Season is in full swing now!** Here is a quick look at everything the new Season Pass has to offer. But, unfortunately not. The bolded line (emphasis mine) was especially frustrating because the season is certainly not in full swing because some of us still can't play the game! Then I thought there would be no way it would still be broken with [the update today \(\)]( Nope, still broken. I have tried restarting my console, waiting at the title screen for 5 minutes, waiting at character select screen for 5 minutes, waiting in orbit for 5 minutes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Destiny, cleared the "Persistent Storage" in the Blu-Ray settings, powered down and unplugged the console for more than 2 minutes, deleted the Save File. None of these things have helped fix the issue. I have maybe 20 friends on Xbox Live and out of those 20, maybe 5 play Destiny 2, so I wouldn't think it has to do with the issues many people have had with too many friends online playing D2. I have posted to the [Destiny Help Forums on]( And looking through the console support pages, there does seem to be others out there with similar issues, so I know I'm not alone in this. * [Example 1]( * [Example 2]( * [Example 3]( * [Main Help Page Regarding Crashes]( I am able to play on Xbox Cloud Streaming, but that is definitely no substitute for playing on my Series X console (especially because of the extreme latency I encounter and the general instability of it at this time). I am seriously at my wits end here, I don't know what else to do. This is so incredibly frustrating, as I really just want to be able to play the game. EDIT: added additional things I've tried to get the game to work

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