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5/13/2021 3:29:29 PM

Cross Save Wait Time

I am making this post to help a friend. My friend (ID: Punkzane) was locked out of his account due to him not knowing how to properly enable Cross Save and is now locked out of his account with his characters on it for the next 90 days. He will be locked out of his account because he bought silver on May 9th. This was a complete accident on his part and he had no knowledge that something like this would happen. This is to say that this is an unfair punishment for someone who has spent thousands of hours on this game and wasn't even warned. I would like to ask Bungie to please let him back on his account so he can particpate in the day 1 VoG raid for Destiny 2. He is very distraught and regretful that something like this happened to him because he did not deserve it. I employ you to see reason and allow him back. Please. Regards, - C

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