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1/14/2021 2:09:30 AM

Techno Squad Leader and BrayTech Transponder Should be Daily

I was fine with it at first, until I accidentally screwed up 2 weeks in a row, and now I feel so dragged on, having to wait a week just to do 3 more of the Braytech transponders. First I messed up by using my 3 Vex scanners, on 2 of the Well of Infinitude, and 1 in Nexus. So I have to wait 3 weeks for it to get back to that spot so I can do the right ones that time. And then this week in Caedmus Ridge, I messed up, shot a warmind cell, and killed all the scanners, so I thought, "Well I might as well just get the other 2 and then come back and hopefully they'll have respawned." So I go and get the other two, I realize there's a jump from where you fight Technocrat, to where you were walking up to face him, so to try and shortcut it a bit, I tried jumping back to the bridge, but I misjudged it and fell to my death, but then when I respawned, I had lost the last scanner buff I needed, and thus, I have to wait 3 weeks again to just do one scanner. Please just make the Squad leader rotate daily, and let me buy the Transponder daily. Keep it at 50 Herealways pieces, I've already grinded like 300 of them. I just want to complete this Triumph, let my achievement hunter inside me be released.

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