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Изменено (Burn_E99): 11/21/2020 10:01:34 AM

Light Reforged quest breaks on valor reset

Been slowly chipping away at the new light crucible quest "Light Reforged", and was on step 4/5 with only 80 valor left to earn. I maxed out my valor rank (2000), and reset it like usual to get the loot, and quickly noticed the quest was now at 0/700 valor (glory matched were fine at 2/2). Was quite annoyed at this, but this isn't the main problem. When resetting valor, the valor part of the step no longer increases (after 5+ mayhem matches). Even after abandoning the quest and picking it back up from the kiosk it does not progress anymore. Addendum: This probably affects the gambit quest with infamy reset, but I am not willing to test this.

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