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11/12/2020 7:07:08 AM

Arcstrider - Way of the Warrior Broken

I've posted this in the regular forums because I didn't actually look for an area before posting. Top Tree Arcstrider perk Combat Flow (powered melee kills recharge dodge ability) stops recharging the dodge ability after it recharges it 3x. I just looked back in the patch notes and didn't see anything about it anywhere. With Gamblers Dodge equipped you use to be able to get a powered melee kill>dodge>powered melee kill>dodge infinitely as long as there was an enemy to punch and another one to dodge next to. For some reason now after 3x of recharging the dodge, the powered melee kill is not recharging it anymore. Sometimes it doesn't even do it at all. Can someone else go in and try this themselves and tell me if it's doing the same thing to them? I've tried several times and it stops recharging the dodge. Thanks Guardians.

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