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10/24/2020 10:30:57 PM

Are Grand Master Nightfalls a failure?





Maybe/Not sure


I don't really see a point in GM Nightfalls.

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  • Изменено (Grey-Fox-Omega): 10/25/2020 10:40:47 AM
    D1 high level strikes and nightfalls, had lots of modifiers that had a big impact on the type of weapons and abilities you use, and how you play, these random weekly modifiers like arc burn, exposure and brawler etc. If they came up together for example they could make a aggressive close combat striker titan strategy work really well that particular week. This is because they boosted your character to make such a play style viable, for example exposure gave extra durability so you could get close to enemies, that you could then kill with a powered arc melee as the damage had been massively boosted by the arc burn /brawler modifiers, those melee kills would then trigger transfusion to recharge your health, throw on thagomisers for double melee and fast super recharge and you got yourself a fun viable close combat build in high level content for that week. . D2 subclass abilities for the most part are weak compared to D1, so you just can’t use them in any meaningful way in high level content, except smoke cos that plays into the hide at the back play style required. The defender subclass node giving over shields to you and allies for melee kills is a classic example of a pointless high level content ability, you can never melee kill anything in high level nightfalls to trigger it and those shields don’t recharge or even last more than a second when your taking fire anyway. . I’d love it if exotic weapons/armor and guardian abilities were built around high level content, but they are not, to me it feels like they are built around patrol level stuff mostly, so things like peregrine greaves or lumnia and defender overshields work ok in patrol level content (anything 750 light), but are pretty terrible/useless everywhere else. . If you had powerful weekly nightfall modifiers like brawler, airborne etc that gave your team the chance to vaporise a champion with Peregrine greaves, or synthoceps, nightfalls would be more varied, difficulty doesn’t just need to come from just killing enemies, it can also come from killing them in a certain way (melee, super, nades etc) or in a certain time. . Exotic armour/weapons really should have insertable mods to make them scale up, be a lot more powerful for high level content, guardian abilities like overshields should scale up somewhat so they are better/stronger in high level content, weekly modifiers that do this to abilities/exotics could rotate in and out to mix up the play style that week. Equip-able Mods could be tied into basic strike modifiers, like brawler, airborne or elemental burns, so when brawler is active you can equip brawler mods, airborne etc. . My biggest gripe with D2 is the amount of content is massive compared to D1, but at high levels it’s all played the same way. D1 had much less content, but it seemed like they invested a lot more time in giving that content more replay value. If they did the same in D2 they’d be sorted, In D1 all, high level content from heroic story missions to heroic strikes to nightfalls to 390 challenge of elders had modifiers to significantly mix things up, this made for a lot more variety in load outs/play styles as the best strategy one week would unlikely be the best the following week when the modifiers changed. For me personally that made all that D1 high level content way more fun, and replay able than what’s currently in D2.

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