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10/26/2020 2:18:06 AM

Vaulted Planets' Collectibles

To Bungie: Please consider increasing the drop rate of cosmetic collectibles (i.e. emblems and ghosts) for Mars, Mercury, Io, and Titan. I've been opening chests non-stop this season and haven't received a single emblem nor have I gotten the Polestar ghosts from Mars that I still need. In the mean time, I've obtained 8 seals, gotten all exotics (minus the seasonal exclusives), finished all catalysts (minus Mida and seasonals), collected all emblems for Nightfall strikes (minus 2), grinded out lore pages, among so much more and it'd be such a shame to not be able to collect the emblems from Mercury, Io, and Titan, and miss out on the last 2 ghosts I need from Mars because RNG is horrendous for useless cosmetics. With the DCV happening, y'all encouraged us to go and collect everything. Well, I'm doing just that, but when the drop rates for these silly things are so low compared to a raid exotic, it's pretty ridiculous. Why are "rare" emblems and "legendary" ghosts harder to obtain than raid exotics?! Anyways, hope this gets looked at and considered.

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