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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (GSXR): 10/30/2020 8:03:13 PM

Please allow players to do strikes in the playlist solo.

I would really enjoy being able to play doing strikes solo. EDIT: There seems to be a massive misconception of why I made this thread. I will post a comment and update the OP. Majority of the time I see strikes as a leisure activity. Something to hangout and do. While doing that id like to very much utilize weapons that are not meta, and have fun. Now, if I am to do this, more often than not those who pair with me are using meta weapons. My point is, I cannot kill things as fast, if at all, because my weapons are not meta, and basically the entire strike I would just be running behind these individuals which is nothing but boring. Therefore, please allow me to search Strikes ON MY OWN, so I can play HOW I WANT TO PLAY with whatever weapons I chose to. Plus we all know that strikes are incredibly easy, so if I were to tackle them solo, with weapons that are not meta, it would be more fun.

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