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Изменено (WilLiAmElieBran): 10/27/2020 12:53:29 PM

Is it feasible: What if non-Flawless players never face other flawless players until they go flawless?

Year 3 D1 vet here. Check my play time, (ureded75), its fallen off the map. I've played ONE RUN of the haunted forest, because my give a darn is broken. I adore this game, I have already purchased BL. You can tell im not great, but I play plenty - I feel I represent a huge curve/portion of players in D2. PVP toxicity is clearly a problem. Now only flawless players will get Adept weapons. Obviously, I get it. They earn it. And so dominant players will only get more dominant over average players, as usual. Anyway, I'm a bit despondent. I stomach trials to get 3 wins. But you have to go flawless to get adept? The only chance the majority of us large bell curve average players have is if we don't face other flawless people. It's still going to be hard. But at then a least we would feel we have a snowball's chance in hell of going flawless. Where right now, our only option is a carry, which is about the saddest thing about gaming I can imagine. Thoughts?

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