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[PS4] HOUSELESS KELLS - [NA/UK] - Discord Required, Beginner Friendly

We are currently accepting new members into our PS4 Clan and Discord server! A rowdy group of clanmates that enjoy doing every single activity the game has to offer. From strikes to raids and regular crucible to Trials, you’ll find someone who enjoys doing what you enjoy doing. Some of us have been playing since the Destiny 1 Beta, and some have only been playing since this past summer. Beginners are always welcome as our members are extremely helpful and don’t mind teaching new players the ropes. Our love for Destiny is what brings us together and striving to be greater is the goal! Most members are primarily US/NA but we have a couple overseas members in the UK and Australia! Requirements to join: • [b]Must have and actively use Discord.[/b] We do not communicate via the Bungie app. We still use PS4 party chat to communicate when playing the game. • [b]Must be an active player.[/b] We routinely check our Discord and clan roster for inactive players. Admins must be notified if a player will not be on for longer than two weeks (people have real lives and we understand that, no questions asked). • [b]Aim to participate in clan activities and play with other clanmates.[/b] We have nothing against solo players, but please remember that this is a clan. We actually want to play with each other! • [b]Be friendly and respectful![/b] This is an open and safe space for all, we do not tolerate any racism, homophobia, toxicity, or plain douche-like tendencies. Want to join? Here’s how! • Upvote this post! • Join our recruitment discord server: Once we’re in contact, you’ll play with one of our Admins and/or an Archon member(s) before joining the clan. This is a process to ensure you’ll enjoy your time with us and want to stick around. As long as you meet all the above requirements, you'll be accepted! Feel free to ask any questions if you have some. Thank you for your time guardians! :)

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