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10/19/2020 2:10:02 PM

Join Æ Today! 2Clans 1 Discord! Day 1 Raid Teams Forming! (XBOX/PC)

We started as group of active gamers who got tired of the clicky/toxic big clan mentality and decided to branch off. We have great experienced PVE players for raids and dungeons on both PC and XBOX. If you are looking for a great laid back clan that loves to help people through their first attempts at something, you have found a great one. We recently outgrew our combined PC/XBOX Clan and branched into separate PC and XBOX clans. We are working towards refilling the ranks of both clans but running out of space. Get in while there is still room. See if you match the criteria. - Be [b]active[/b] on discord. - North American Members Preferred, but we do have some EU Members. - [b]18[/b] and over - Must have the new expansion and character [b]over 1040[/b]. - Have some thicc skin, we joke around a lot - Must love memes lol Please up-vote and click the link to Check us out. PC CLAN LINK * XBOX CLAN LINK BUCKthirty, Clan Admin

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