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Exotic 3rd and Solar Sword

I’m a HUGE fan of swords and melee weapons in games, and Destiny is no exception. Since their fundamental usability buff they’ve seen a spike in popularity which makes me very happy (except sword peaking in crucible and trials BUNGIE PLZ ADDRESS THIS 😭) I been thinking that we have a exotic Arc and Void sword Both are very unique in their abilities. But only having two options is a shame and with no solar option I began to think further. Exotic sword idea. (Since there are only 2 and 1 is arc and another is void) Solar sword Styled with a katana and sheath (Since you have a vortex frame, caster frame, adaptive, lightweight, and heavy frame so you could totally make a Sheath frame) High swing speed, but low damage And it’s heavy attack could be one of two things. 1 just a regular dash forward and swing like the quick fang/ gold tusk but using its guard as its exotic perk. Guarding immediately before being impacted launches a counter attack Or Exotic perk a dash forward a preset distance slashing everything in its path The counter would make sense with a katana in sheath style But so would a dash with the quick slashes that come with every weeb fantasy of a katana. Can’t have both tho cause that would be wildly op Obviously But definitely make it solar since there’s no exotic solar sword I’m aware it’s just wishful thinking but this is where lack of sleep gets me. Thank you for reading and if your onboard with an idea like this consider giving it an upvote maybe Bungie will notice 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

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