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10/17/2020 3:56:43 PM

Family clan Straying Guardians is searching for people like you, yes YOU! [PC ONLY]

Looking for a clan that does raids, nightfalls , dungeons , trials and more? Then look no further then THE Straying Guardians. We are on the smaller size of some clans here but that's the way we like it because we don't want people to just be a number when they join our clan. We have a dedicated raid leader that will take people through raids no matter their skill level and we have people skilled in pvp that will help you in trials. Most importantly though: WE HAVE FUN. Wipe on raid or dungeon encounters? Have to reset a card in trials? No worries because learning is part of the fun here and no one will be turned away just because they don't know something. Come join Straying Guardians where you aren't just a number and everyone is willing to be your friend! MUST USE DISCORD TO APPLY FOR CLAN! Hope to see you soon! :)

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