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10/16/2020 11:41:46 PM

Fashion and Art Contest Platform Unfair

I'm so frustrated, I feel like I have to say something. I don't think Twitter is the most "balanced" or fair platform to host this contest. I have been trying to win the fashion contest since it started with Shadowkeep, and I feel hopeless that the community mods will ever even see my submissions. I put a lot of effort into them, and have tried many different ways of promotion, but it feels like unless you send a tweet at the time you're looking, or you're a streamer, you're doomed. This game is a passion of mine, and I love taking screenshots with friends, and something we've been proud of is the creativity and effort we've put into these contests, but at the end of the day, a majority of my clan feels hopeless, and almost like it isn't worth sending the photos. Perhaps you do see many of the submissions we've sent, and just don't like them, but the not knowing is a real killer. I completely understand if people disagree with me, but my words come from a very exhausted place. I really wish we could go back to using the Bungie community creations page, or a better solution where people didn't feel like they can't win without attention. Also, after reading the twab, I'd like to thank DeeJ for his inspiring and kind words!

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