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Изменено (Sunsinger): 10/12/2020 10:41:01 AM

New Sword Perks Ideas

Changes or New Perks for Swords: En Guard Perk: +Add: charge the Sword while it is stowed. It means that the Sword is ready for heavy Attack right when you use it to add to the damage buff from the Perk itself. It means that the Sword is ready for a heavy attack right when you use it. This perk is fit on Swords which have Caster Frame. I think that En guard Perk needs an increase in its duration. Or just make a new perk. New Perk: A perk that builds up energy by killing enemies with other weapons. It works like the Whirlwind Blade perk but instead of hitting enemies with the Sword, the guardian needs to kill enemies with primary or secondary weapons. There are two ways to use this Build up energy: The first way is to make it work like the Whirlwind Blade perk. The second is to use all the build-up in one attack which gives a boost in damage based on the number stacked or build up energy. New perk: A constant hit will increase the charge rate of the sword. Or multe-kill by the heavy attack will increase the charge rate of Sword. Changes on Exotic(s) Sanguine Alchemy: The Blood Magic can be activating every time you kill an enemy. So, Blood Magic ready when the Guardian uses his/her rift. Change(S) in Gunsmith: Banshee-44 now offer materials exchange: Give Enhancement Prism in exchange for a number of Enhancement Cords Give Ascendant Shard in exchange for a number of Enhancement Prism Change(S) on Strike Worden of Nothing: Make the final Boss show its string and its fighting mechanic by simply make Teleport more often especially in when it shows up.

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