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Revisiting Exotics

Hello everybody. We decided to create this topic to occupy ourselves during the long wait for Beyond Light. Following the postponement of this DLC a lack of new content is felt within the community. What better way to ease the wait than by revisiting some old exotics that where left behind in D1. Let's hope we'll see them make a come back one day, rather sooner than later. However let's first take a look at some quick changes that could be made to improve the usability of already existing exotics. [url][/url] Change "Outlaw" to "Rapid hit". "Rapid Hit" would better go with the flow of the weapon, preventing the loss of too many of nanites while reloading, making it usable again against Major targets while not making it as OP as it was with auto reload. [url][/url] Change to "Embers of Light" : Each projectile now creates a Rift on impact. [url][/url] Change "Survival Well" to "Keeper of the Pack" : Generate a healing pulse for you and nearby allies when Barricade is activated and revive fallen teammates quicker. This version of the Alpha Lupi would help Titan supports to be even better at their job and would also offer a counter to Thorn, one of the most efficient weapon in trials as of now. Do you remember that Hunter use to have a Crest Of Alpha Lupi too ? Bringing it back would give hunter an option they so desperatly need in PVP, playing as supports, a role currently held by both Warlocks and Titans. [url][/url] Change to "Keeper of the Pack" : Start health regeneration for nearby allies when dodging and revive fallen teammates quicker. Let's move on and talk about other exotics from D1 that we would like to see back in the game with minor adjustements. [url][/url] [url][/url] "Primary Care" means this exotic sniper rifle uses primary ammo. To counterbalenced that, we decided to make it a high-skill high-reward weapon. You'll only have one mag (only 4 bullets) in PvP, no bullet magnetism whatsoever, 20 handling to make it sluggish as hell. Making the first bullet a killing blow will be a great deed indeed. Miss and you'll probably be dead. Hit and as a reward for your skill, follow up shots will be easier to chain. "Knock on Wood" will be the catalyst perk which allows you to shoot with a faster rate of fire after a precision kill. We also thought of changing "The Master" to make it worthwhile in PvE, where it will have a max capacity of 2 mags. [url][/url] There's the Ace of Spades.. bring back the Tlaloc. "Continuous Flow" means this exotic scout rifle has better rate of fire and stability while the wielder's Super is charged. "Demolitionist". "AAA-Super Cell" will be the catalyst perk for this exotic which grants additional handling while "Continuous Flow" is active. Here’s a list of D1’s exotics that could be fun to use. [u]For Hunters :[/u] [url][/url] "Last Man Standing" will be the exotic perk : Sharpshooter is now duration based, shots no longer consume super energy. 3 precisions hit in a row give one additional shot. A precision kill give one additional shot. In PvE we expect this exotic to be an alternative to Celestial Nighthawk, giving better overall damage instead of increased burst damage. This shall also help make Way of the Sharpshooter a more viable option in PvP, making it able to shoot up to 5 shots for the most talented players. [url][/url] "Defensive Reflex" will be the exotic perk which makes you briefly invisible when taking damage from a melee attack. This one is just for fun. [url][/url] "Not Bound By Law" will be the exotic perk wich adds an addditional jump to the Double Jump. One of Destiny’s most iconic exotics. [url][/url] "The Dance" will be the exotic perk which grants increased mobility while aiming down sight. Hunters have evolved since Destiny 1 and are no longer the fastest class. [u]For Titans :[/u] [url][/url] "Antigrav Thrusters" : Aiming weapons while you’re midair suspends you there for a short time, improving airborne accuracy. Why not ? I mean Warlocks can already do it. [url][/url] "Blessing" : Increases melee attack speed. Knockout lasts 10 secondes. Tempered Metal can be refreshed after one melee kill. This one is especially for people who’s playing with the top tree Sunbreaker to make Tempered Metal a more viable option. Knockout’s buff is to increase his consistency. [url][/url] "Tactical Air Support" : Gives one dodge while airborne. Sweatcicle will cry. [url][/url] "Flying Darkness" : The stasis melee attack has a better explosion radius and better range. Have you always wanted to hug the person who’s most dear to you? This will now be possible thanks to the company Mr. Titan Freeze. [u]For Warlocks :[/u] [url][/url] "Keeper of the Pack" : Revive fallen teammates quicker. They’re allowed to be defibrillators too. [url][/url] "Collapse of the Ram" : All Shadebinder melees trigger Life Steal on hit and increase Super energy gained from killing ennemies of the Darkness. It might be OP but it’s just an idea like any other. I also wanted to discuss about Exotic‘s stats. You should be able to do focused farming when it comes to exotic armor. Getting a good rolled piece is already hard, let alone getting the said armor piece. So we think that adding a system to choose which already obtained armor you want to grind for would be cool. Imagine if Rahool or Xur sold exotic blueprints that said do X amount of NF or X amount of GM to get this exotic piece, you would at least know that you'll eventually get the armor you want. And if it's not enough maybe you could pay one ascendant shard to take 10 points from one stat to give them to another. We could finally hope to play our favorite exotic with a good distribution of stats. Big thanks to @Tehuri with whom I was able to reflect on all of this. Feel free to make this topic more visible by liking it, also don’t be reluctant to leave your ideas because you might have another approach to what was said here. I'll catch u ALL in a next topic, goodbyyye.

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