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9/24/2020 3:40:16 PM

Past Failures (fanfic)

[spoiler]I just wanna say thank you to Shadowheart, because she really got me remembering this, which I really needed to keep writing. I'm gonna try and get the story caught up to Beyond Light before it comes out[/spoiler] [i]Just before the Red War[/i] Titan stood at the edge of the Tower, looking over the City. This time of year, with everyone celebrating new triumphs, all he could think of was the regrets he had amassed over the years. He had made mistakes, oftentimes resulting in too many dead to count. He wished he could go back and change things, ne more cautious. But the memories came flooding back, and he knew he couldn't stop them. So he gritted his teeth and locked onto the railing for dear life as the memories came crashing down. -------- He remembered his crusade against Crota all too well. This was the start of the thousands of Guardians who would try to slay Crota, throwing their life at an enemy who just would not die. He remembered leading the charge against the Hive, cutting through the Thrall and Acolytes like a scythe through wheat, exhilarated at the thought of a new challenge. Only three Guardians were killed by that first wave, but none of them were prepared for what was to come. Each wave brought fresh horrors, innumerable amounts of Knights and Ogres, even some Wizards scattered throughout the battlefield. They sustained heavy losses, dozens falling for the last time. But Titan urged them onwards, slaying hundreds with his fists and skull. He mourned for each loss, but was determined to finish off Crota to make sure the sacrifices of his students and friends had not been in vain. Long days later, the weary survivors reached Crota, determined to put an end to him, to wrest control of the Moon back. But one by one Crota slew them, undying and uncaring. Titan fought harder with each death, willing the Traveler to provide them with strength and the means to end this monster, but nothing came. Instead, Titan saw the failed battle for what it was, and signaled a retreat, trying to save what Lights remained. -------- He remembered the Guardians who fell to the Taken. Although they were few, he hunted down every Taken who had slain them, hounded them across the system. Zavala had said that sometimes vengeance wasn't the answer, but Titan ignored him, slaying hundreds of Taken to try and push them back. But they kept coming, and eventually he realized the folly of his actions. Then the SIVA crisis came, and Titan stayed in the Tower, unwilling to repeat the events of the Moon. He watched in pride as the one who had slain Crota came forth and conquered, but despaired for the few unlucky enough to stumble into death from the new threat. -------- Titan relaxed as the memories faded. There had been fewer this time, but each one still burned like it had happened but yesterday. He looked to the Traveler in the storm that had risen around him, clouding the skies and restricting his vision. He asked it in his head over and over, why? Why had it not helped them, why had it stayed silent for so long? He shook his head, disappointed in the lack of response from this orb that had become the focus of their defenses. That was when the first rockets hit.

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