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Celestial Storm - Entry 1.2

Entry 1.2: Some time had passes and it was a couple day later. I was making my way down towards Ada-1 to grab an experimental model of one of my Primary weapons, the Sweet Business. Big old mini gun that goes everywhere I go. This model she had made specifically for me to test. Aside from general upgrades, the main upgrade was the ability to charge an explosive round in each barrel, which then shoots a quick barrage of explosive overload rounds. There was no way I was gonna turn this field test down. I get to Ada-1, grab the weapon. Turns out the full title of it is 'Exp Sweet Business Model BAW-M2.' My guess? It stands for Experimental Sweet Business Model Black Armory Weapon Model 2. I'm gonna stick with Sweet Business thank you very much. Before I left to run some strikes and test this monster of a weapon, I took it to the firing range Drifter had cooked up and to my surprise, Astra was there testing some weapons as well. Against Linx better judgement, I proceeded to go over to her and spark a conversation up. Turns out she was there with the goal of testing some new Black Armory Hand Cannon Grips, specifically for the Kindled Orchid. She had almost finished her tests but still invited me to try a few of them. With the way she asked, I couldn't say no. Linx wasn't happy, that's safe to say. Something funny actually happened here. Turns out I've been using Hand Cannon's slightly wrong the entire time I've been a guardian. I mean in the way that I have been holding them. After some tinkering and messing around, she recommended a grip that'd work to improve my overall efficiency with Hand Cannons. That's really off topic though so lets go back to the story at hand. After all of that, I finally got to testing the new Sweet Business Ada-1 had given me. I wanted to do this just so I could get a feeling for the weapon because let's be real, it was going to feel different. After going through a couple thousand rounds of ammo, I put the weapon down and started to talk to Linx. Talking about weapon stuff, boring stuff really. After a small while, Astra comes back down after dropping off the data she had gathered. I don't know exacts but then again, I didn't need to know. Again, we started to conversate and the conversation changed to field testing. After explaining what I was going to do later that day, Astra mentioned to me that she'd be doing some field tests later that day as well. As I went with the flow of the conversation, I mentioned how we could go do our respective field testing together, watching each others back because I could tell she'd be able to hold her own. To my surprise she accepted the 'not an offer offer'. Next thing I know we are both loading things onto my ship, getting ready to go to the EDZ. It was still earlier in the morning when we took off. As I was flying Astra sat in the co-pilots seat, saying nothing, just looking out the front window. Out of no-where she asked if we could go see the sea of light? I recognized that it was a callback to the other day and the conversation we shared so without a word, I pulled back on the ships controls and we headed into orbit. We headed into the sea of lights. We sat there, well at least I did. Astra had gotten up, her hands on the glass as she stared into the abyss of space. Looking, gazing upon the stars and planets that stood still in the distance, beyond our sight but still there. I looked over to her as her face began to change. It went from pure joy to just, sadness. Quickly after she turned to me and apologized for the other day, for what she did when we were sitting on the tower wall. She spoke about how she got caught up in the moment and just wasn't thinking. She went on and on about how sorry she was. Now I'll be totally honest, I have no idea what came over me but as she was saying all of this, something hit me. I stood up and, like the other day, just hugged her. As we hugged all words stopped, all thoughts were silent. It felt like the universe stopped. It felt like both light and darkness put down their weapons, like both sides stopped fighting and went quiet, just for this moment. The stars behind us glistened like the light in her eyes. Then, for no apparent reason, it felt like my light started to flare up again. It was similar to when my light came back to me in the red war but at the same time, it was different. This was a problem because in the moment, I couldn't control this rift of light. The strangest part was it wasn't a Solar rift, nor was it Ark of Void. It had an extremely faint pink tinge to it. At the time I didn't understand but, we'll come back to that later. This rift I was talking about, the pink one, well it left my body almost like a whip. This 'whip' directly hit the wall of my ship, cracking it open. Almost instantly I was sucked into the breach, forced to block it with my body. I died on impact, obviously. Now because I was dead here I can't really tell you my perspective because I don't have one so this is from what Linx has told me. Astra was also pulled towards the hole because space works like that I guess. But she was hurt when she hit my body. Luckily, she's tough as nails so she got over it but she had a decent cut on her arm from some deformed metal. Quickly, Linx noticed and found her some cloth from the ship to tie around her arm. She did so. Linx wasted no time, he looked at me and the breach, then towards the failing flight controls. Within seconds he had his plan. Talking very quickly to Astra, he explained that he was going to take control of the ship from inside the computer. The good side of this idea is that he'd have more control over the ship for a longer period. The bad side is he wouldn't be able to do anything else apart from that. This meant that Astra would have to take charge inside the ship. Linx explained to her how to use the communications equipment making sure not to miss anything but also going quickly. She may have used communication equipment in the tower but my ship was a newer model with new equipment inside. After Linx finished explaining he entered the ships systems. As he was inside the ships systems and the camera's were offline, we have no idea what happened inside the ship in the time from ghost entering the system, using co-ordinates to direct the ship, and when I was resurrected. This means we're gonna skip that part. When I woke up I was falling and I was very close to the ground. Within seconds of this realization I channeled the solar energy within me, summoning the Burning Maul. Pushing the flames from within my heart to my arms then straight into my fists and then the hammer. Charged and ready I begun to slam down. Below me was the wrecked Almighty, cold but still smoking. I guess I still had some built up rage aimed at the cabal because I pushed even further. The solar light consumed my body and began to leak out. A friend I have at the tower said they looked over and saw me. I looked like a small sun falling out of the sky. Even further I pushed myself, brighter, hotter, more intense. I don't know why I did this, why I pushed myself so far. My best guess is I was angry. I didn't know how but I knew what I did had caused her harm. It had caused Astra harm and it was my fault because I couldn't control my light. Honestly by this point I didn't even know if she was alive still. Almost at the ground now. Despite not being there I could feel it, the land below me. 5. Even further I pushed my light. 4. The molecules, the atoms around me started to singe. 3. The metal of the Almighty began to melt from the shear heat. 2. The Maul began to crack from the energy it was storing. 1. I had reached the maximum amount of solar output possible. I didn't feel like I was in a physical form anymore. I had become Solar Light. 0. Impact ---------- Hey. If you read through this all then Thank you so much. I have the personal goal of one day, hopefully being able to write the perfect story. This is one part of getting there. If you want to, feel free to comment and leave some thoughts, it'd be appreciated but you don't have to, obviously. You can find the previous part here: You can find the next part here:

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