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Celestial Storm - Entry 1.9

Entry 1.9: Using the whip as a rope to pull myself through a frozen universe. I was dragging myself through what felt like a very dense body of water. Water that not only was running into you but was also dragging you back after it went past you. That's how it felt. My gloves were torn to shreds by my Cosmic weapon from how hard I was forced to hold onto it. Slowly, very slowly I got closer to Astra so I could take the shot for her. I'd made it half way. If I'm being totally honest I was ready to give up. I was so tired from the shear exhaustion due to the amount of energy I'd been using. Going from moving and floating for 99% of my reborn life, needing to use so much energy to even move was something I don't want to experience again. Despite this, I forgot about it all when I looked to my side and saw a bee. The first thing that came to mind was, "Why is there a bee here," but then I saw it's wings slowly moving. They were slowly moving and gradually getting faster. Time was starting to return to it's normal rate. I had to hurry or this wouldn't work. By now I was mere steps away from reaching the Hand Cannon. It rested beside a ledge that lead to a rather large drop. By that point time was at roughly 40% of the speed it should be. It was a lot easier to move which just felt amazing but I was still super tired. After all I had to drag myself up this hill in the conditions previously described. Another thing I had noticed was the fact that as time began to speed up, so did the process that was causing time to speed up again. 50%. Clawing away at the ground, doing everything in my power to reach that weapon. Due to the amount of stress that had been put onto my hand, it snapped clean off. My hand had fallen of and was just laying there. That couldn't stop me though. 60%. Finally, after 8 stretched seconds, the Cannon was mine. Now the goal was to shoot the volley of Overload rounds and get ready for a final attack to finish it. 70%. Time's getting closer to being normal again. With the cannon in my left hand, I had to use the spike built into my other gauntlet as a prop to get up. 80%. Pushing up from the ground I finally made it to my feet. From one achievement and moving to another. I took a step, then another step and another step after that. A walk turned into a ran and the run into a sprint. 90%. From that sprint a jump was born. Times flow was almost back to normal. While I was in the air I took aim down the cannons sights and fired the final shot. Dropping the empty firearm immediately after so I could recall my Cosmic Crack. 100%. Time was restored and the plan was saved. It was all worth it after all. The puzzles pieces were in place. All there was to do now was to look at the picture it made. From behind the Captain, both Stasis guardians rose about it's head like angle's of destruction. As all three of us prepared our attacks, the round from the Hand Cannon made contact with the ESB's rounds. The explosion this made was ginormous. It created a mushroom cloud that combined with the storm above. As the shield dropped I could see the Warlocks staff glow a dark blue as it began to blast and freeze the Captain. Next to him, the hunters hooks radiated power as they left her hands. Burrowing into it's back, you could see the Captains body begin to freeze from the inside. With that opening, as my glide began to end, I slung the Celestial Whip into the clouds and started to spin it. Within seconds, a tornado of ice and Celestial energy had formed around the weapon. The entire storm had quickly formed a spiral around it so I quite literally had a storm in the control of my hands.. my hand. I suppose I could be considered part warlock now since I did technically call the storm and control it. Don't tell Astra I said that.. Before finishing the half frozen Captain, I looked into his eyes. I looked and saw something disturbing. There was no life in it's eyes. There was nothing. Not even an ounce of hatred. It almost made me mess up the attack because I was caught of guard so badly. Good job I pulled through though. With the Whip above my head, I began to lower my arm. Even further I pushed my light, further than ever before. The molecules, the atoms around me started to flux with energy. Reality literally started to break. Tears in the fabric of space and time followed the storm. The Cosmic Crack reached out to the storm and the storm reached back. The storm became one with the weapon and therefor lent it's power to both me and my weapon. I had reached beyond the limit of my light. I didn't feel anything but the power I had become. Just as my Burning Maul shattered before all of this started, the Captain shattered. Not just into pieces though, I mean down to the atom. Matter was destroyed. When I landed on the ground, I could see the two Stasis wielders walking towards me. As the storm began to disappear and vanish into thin air, so did the Celestial Whip and me along with it. Despite trying to stay on my feet, I fell backwards. As I rested my head on the ground, all I could make out was Astra gliding towards me as my eyes closed. ---------- Hey. If you read through this all then Thank you so much. I have the personal goal of one day, hopefully being able to write the perfect story. This is one part of getting there. If you want to, feel free to comment and leave some thoughts, it'd be appreciated but you don't have to, obviously. You can find the previous part here: You can find the Final part here:

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