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Celestial Storm - Entry 1.8

Entry 1.8: The ground started to shake as the light hungry Captain drew closer. It was it's own mistake though, this wasn't going to take long. Before we went to finish the fight, Linx nudged my shoulder and without a word, he transmitted the Exp Sweet Business (ESB) onto my back. He mentioned how it's been bumped a couple of times but it seems to be functional. With that final preparation, the end had begun. It started with a Cosmic Winds from Astra to weaken the captain. The Stasis guardians went on the Captains flanks, one each. With the Cosmic Crack in hand, after running towards the Captain I jumped into it, punching part of it's frosty armor into one million pieces. While still in the air, with a crack of my whip all of the metal, all of the shrapnel that was scattered from the battle before this one began to return to the Whip. Nothing was going to stop the shards of re-forged metal from returning to the weapon, meaning for a short time the Captain was barraged with metal hitting and scrapping away their body. Some part even went straight through the fallen warrior. It's no secret that it annoyed the Captain. In an act of pure desperation, an overload shield appeared onto the Captains body, also causing hidden explosives to be launched into the air. Instantly the Stasis Hunter threw their twin hooks between the mess of explosives, shouting to me to, and I quote, "Light them up titan!" I had to field testing with the ESB anyway so let's just call this multitasking. Before the gun was even fully drawn and ready to fire I was charging the barrel. It spun faster than a normal Sweet Business, like a lot faster that is. With it ready in less than a second, I let out an amused huff then laid on the trigger. Hundred of rounds left the barrels within seconds. I didn't know how many rounds were in this weapon but it was a hell of a lot. Drawing a line on the fallen body with bullets and moving onto the frozen weapons, after the first shot landed they exploded into a cloud of Stasis energy, starting a chain reaction with most of the bombs. However some explosives managed to get through it all and obviously they were headed straight towards me. With little time to react, the explosives landed around me, knocking me into the air and the ESB from my grip. When I opened my eyes I was greeted with a punch to the gut from the Captain. From what Astra told me, while I was out cold the Fallen Warrior was going crazy on the other three. As Linx was finishing up my resurrect, Astra saved his life. The Captain had noticed Linx. It threw a grenade towards him. Just before it hit, Astra threw her own time freezing grenade towards Linx. This gave her enough time to stand between Linx and the oncoming grenade. As it blew up on her back, Linx finished the resurrect. As I opened my eye's, I clocked a second grenade coming towards us. Slipping past Astra's defensive pose and pushing her and Linx out of the way, I punched the grenade directly, causing an explosion that covered my body. Only seconds passed but it felt like minutes. Luckily, behind my leg the ESB laid protected from the blast. As the smoke cleared the humming sound of a charging Overload volley could be heard. Accompanied with a smirk, I fired the Overload Volley directly at the captain. As the Captain turned back towards me, the numerous rounds struck the shield directly in front of it's face. Turned out that the ESB did sustain some damage. The remote detonation control panel for the bullets bad been destroyed. While the Stasis Guardians took the fight away from us for a moment, I spoke to Astra for a moment. Me: "Astra! How many Hand Cannon shots do you have left?" Astra: "Just the one, why'd you ask?" Me: "I need you to shoot the ESB volley just before it hits the shield so they explode and drop the shield. Looks like there's roughly a seven second window for you to take the shot, can you do that?" Astra: "Can I? Who do you think I am.?" She spoke in a jokey but also serious tone. I replied with a simple smile. For the final time I turned back to the enemy at hand. I could see the Stasis guardians behind him in a stand off. Beginning to shoot the Captain to gain his attention, Astra moved to a better location. For a small while, between me and the two Stasis guardians, we kept the Captain under control. When Astra was ready, the plan was put into motion. 5. The hum of the charging ESB filled the air like the smell of a campfire on a cold summers night. Something about it made the air around everyone slightly more heavy. 4. Waiting for the chance to strike, both Astra and the Stasis guardians held their ground. Tension grew high. 3. The tension seemed to affect the storm above. It grew calm, quiet. If you know the saying then you'll know where this is going. 2. The ESB fired, echoing down the battlefield like a battle cry. On that cue the storm grew rough again as ice and Celestic energy began to rain down. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. 1. I looked over to Astra but there was something wrong. She was no longer ready to fire. Some dregs and vandals had snuck up behind her and took her focus away from the plan at hand. I looked over to the Stasis users and they were already about to engage. The storm above peaking in intensity. 0. A moment of pure panic consumed me. It was all going down hill. In a last ditch effort, i summoned the Cosmic Crack one last time and cracked it with every ounce of light I had remaining. This crack boomed across the land, across the system and far beyond the light of our galaxy. Time froze and I fell to my knee. This was the chance I needed though. ---------- Hey. If you read through this all then Thank you so much. I have the personal goal of one day, hopefully being able to write the perfect story. This is one part of getting there. If you want to, feel free to comment and leave some thoughts, it'd be appreciated but you don't have to, obviously. You can find the previous part here: You can find the next part here:

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