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Celestial Storm - Entry 1.7

Entry 1.7: As the distant captain began to slowly walk towards us, the sound of a ships scream bellowed overhead. As we looked up we saw a ship, but more importantly there were two guardians who had jumped out of the ship. They had jumped from their ship directly above the approaching Captain meaning I couldn't exactly make out what the were doing as they were still quite far away. From what I could make out though, it was a Hunter and a Warlock. As the Warlock was falling, they seemed to summon what looked like a staff. From this staff, a volley of projectiles came and hit the Captain, freezing it in place. At least that's what it looked like. As for the Hunter, being above the Warlock they summoned what looked like a hook, maybe an axe. I'm not entirely sure but as for what they did with it. They embedded the weapon into the frozen captain, using it to slow their decent but also to set us the final part to their plan. Seconds before the warlock hit the ground, they adopted a Well of Radiance like pose, allowing them to slam their staff into the ground, shattering both the staff and the ice they'd created on the captain. As that happened, the Hunter kicked away from the Captain. In their decent, they summoned a second hook. Using this one as a projectile, they threw it into the first hook, causing the both of them to explode. This blew one of the Captains arms clean off. The hunter landed beside the Warlock as the Captain staggered backwards and fell. Looking away from a job well done, they began to walk towards the three of us. In my amazement of what I just saw I didn't really pay much attention to either Linx or Astra in the moments to come but I can tell you my jaw hit the floor. In the time span of a week, two new forms of light had appeared to me. Celestial Light and what seemed to be a form of Ice. I remember the two of them said something like 'Stasis' or something similar to that but we got interrupted before they could explain more. Before that happened though, they did come over to us to speak. To my surprise, the two guardians were the same pair that I had ran combat drills with earlier in the week. Seeing I was basically in shock, Astra thanked them for the assist and asked about their powers. Before answering the question they asked how we were and stuff like that which was nice of them, but looking back on it I wish they never did because if they actually answered the question's Astra asked.. Well we'd know a lot more about them now. The reason we don't know is because the Captain, the same Captain that lost an arm had gotten up and was charging towards us all. So as the two Stasis wielders turned to face the Captain, Astra slapped me, took my hand and together we turned our Celestial Light up to eleven. With a single jesture, the Cosmic Crack came flying back into my hands. Astra and myself on the left, the Stasis Guardians to the right and ghost in the middle. We were ready to knock this Fallen Pirate into it's grave. As I went to crack the Cosmic Whip for one final time, the frozen warlock lifted his arm and summoned their Staff again, launching a beam into the air. With that, a storm of Celestic and Stasis energy erupted above us, raining ice and beaming down rays of pink light onto us, creating an arena of sorts. The final stand had begun. ---------- Hey. If you read through this all then Thank you so much. I have the personal goal of one day, hopefully being able to write the perfect story. This is one part of getting there. If you want to, feel free to comment and leave some thoughts, it'd be appreciated but you don't have to, obviously. You can find the previous part here: You can find the next part here:

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