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Celestial Storm - Entry 1.6

Entry 1.6: Astra landed in front of me and ghost, laughing as she turned to us both. Astra: "Well that's the last of them. I think you owe me some glimmer titan.." Me: "some glimmer..? OHH yeah the glimmer, the glimmer I owe you because of the thing you said earlier, that glimmer.. How much glimmer was it that we decided on again?" Astra: "Not sure.. How much you got on that ship of yours." Linx: "I don't think so somehow. Also why are we discussing this now? Why not wait until we're back at the tower, after all the ship needs some repai.." Linx went silent just before finishing the words he was about to say. As he slowly turned around, he was met by my serious stare. Me: "Ghost!" Astra: "Ooh someone's in trouble.." At the same time, both me and Linx looked at her. Thankfully she understood though I did feel bad about it so as she turned around while walking away, I smiled and winked at her. She did the same back. For a moment it was just me and ghost. Me: "So are you going to tell me about what happened to the ship or am I going to go into that hanger, find my ship and chase you out shortly after with this fancy new whip I got. Linx: "That's it, the Cosmic Crack wasn't it? Can I see it? How did you make it? Me: "Don't change the subject little light.." Linx: "How did you even get this new power.. What is this new power exactly?" Me: "Your not listening to me are you.. Linx: "How do you even know how to use a whip? Can you make things out of the whip like a balloon animal or something?" Me: "Urgh, ok then. Since your not listening to me I'll just answer your questions shall I!?" Linx: "That'd be great, thank you." For a moment I just stared at Linx. Similar to the other day where he had some 'choice words' for me, I had some in return for him. I bit my tongue though and answer the questions. To the best of my ability that is anyway. Me: "Alright then. Yes, it's called the Cosmic Crack, no that wasn't my choice. You can see it when I'm ready for you to see it. I kind of shattered my burning maul, tripped out for a bit and woke up to find the shards had been re-forged into a whip. I got it through the connection I have with Astra I think and it's remnant light from the travelers travels through space. I have no idea, how did you know how to fly when you came from the traveler? I don't know, I've been a bit busy with the whole mini killer scavenger army thing remember.." Linx: "Wow.. That's not confusing at all." Me: "GHOST!" Linx: "Alright fine. The ship has a giant hole in it from when you lost it in orbit. On the way down after you fell out of the ship it was torn apart a bit more and most of the stuff fell out so if you want any of that we'll have to go get it and the last thing is when I tried landing in the hanger, I kind of hit the dead orbit tent so your going to have to go see them when we get back." Me: "..." Linx: "sorry.." Me: I'm hiring a personal pilot, you never flying again." As me and Linx laughed after a moment of silence together, it looked like something clicked behind his bulb. Linx: "Wait.. How are you even here right now? I never resurrected you after you fell from the ship?" Me: "You didn't.? But that's impossible, how else would I be standing here right now?" For a split second I looked over to the traveler in the sky, then back to ghost. However something caught my eye so I quickly snapped back. It was Astra just floating there, spinning in the air. I suppose she was just waiting but something about it, I just couldn't look away. When she noticed my not so subtle stare, she let out what looked like a laugh and began to come over to the both of us. Astra: "What? Is there something on my face? Why didn't yo.." She was speaking in a jokey tone but was interrupted by a distant sound and the ground shaking. All three of us looked over to see a larger Captain. The weird thing was, it has this aura around it. It was dark and misty. It looked like it was draining, like it was controlling the captain. It was weird to say the least. Me: "Well, looks like the ship will have to wait." Without even looking at him, I bumped Linx's shell. ---------- Hey. If you read through this all then Thank you so much. I have the personal goal of one day, hopefully being able to write the perfect story. This is one part of getting there. If you want to, feel free to comment and leave some thoughts, it'd be appreciated but you don't have to, obviously. You can find the previous part here: You can find the next part here:

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