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Celestial Storm - Entry 1.1:

Entry 1.1: Where do I even start? I guess the beginning would be a good place, but after today.. After today I.. I don't know if I can. It's just been a long couple of days I suppose. Screw it, I'll start from the beginning.. It all started not that long ago actually, maybe a week or two.? I'd just gotten back from a match of crucible. Shaxx had asked me to take a few younger guardians in there for a quick crash course. Combat drills, positioning blah blah blahh. All that fun stuff. Considering they were only recently resurrected, I was quite impressed. If your wondering why I'm talking about these two then you better stick around for your answer. By the time I was back in my ship, them two guardians were off somewhere, shooting something dangerous probably. I'm not entirely sure because by this point I had no idea I'd have another encounter with them. Back to the ship though, I was just doing some general maintenance on my armor and weapons. My armor was mostly fine as my ghost, Linx, had repaired it while I was doing other things. If I'm being honest I was just re-shading it all. Guess I was a bit tired of the colors I had. Instead I decided on a bronze and purple color scheme. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some inspiration from the big guy in the fish ship but lets keep that between you and me alright. Turns out Shaxx had clocked the fact that I was doing maintenance on my stuff because he had sent down one of Ada-1's helpers. How is a different question and honestly I'm to scared to ask him so lets leave it at that. Back to the person he had sent down to assist me though, her name was Astra. She introduced herself, I introduced myself, we started talking as she sat down. Some time had passed and we had talked a lot. She was so invested in the story's I had and the battles I had fought, and I was more than happy to share them with her. More time passed and more story's were shared. After a while she started to tell me about her responsibility's at the tower. Something I never really thought about if I'm being honest. I've always been so busy thinking about my next fight, the next training session, the next thing I had to do. I never really considered what it was like to stay in the tower, to run coms for fireteams, to do general maintenance for everyone but yourself. As she was with my story's, I was invested in hers. As the hours passed, the sun had fallen below the land. By this point we were sat on the edge of the wall in a quieter area of the hanger. My gear had been re-shaded, repaired and looking brand new, just how I like it. Me and Astra sat beside each other, watching the moonlight, the stars twinkling above us. She asked what it was like. She asked what it was like to be up there. What it was like to be above the clouds, above what was visible from earth and even further beyond that. Looking at her moonlit face, I answered.. "Imagine your in a dream where you control everything. Close your eyes and imagine that for me Astra. Imagine that your in your own world, your own reality where it's just you and someone you trust. Looking out the window of your ship, all you see is a sea of stars, a sea of light and life. You know there is so much darkness out there but it doesn't matter, not in this moment because despite that, despite all of that, there is so much beauty, so much light. You look out there and you feel so grateful that you were given, no, that you were gifted a second chance. A second chance to see it all, and the chance to protect it. Imagine your in a dream, where your life is both limited and limitless, but that doesn't bother you because even if you don't truly know why your here, you know your doing the right thing. The thing you were reborn to do." While saying all of this I was looking to the stars. Once I finished talking, I looked back to Astra. Her head was hung low, tears falling from her face. I didn't know what to say. Had I said something wrong. I may have killed gods but I had never dealt with this. She wiped her face then looked at me. Repeating my words, "Imagine your in a dream where your life is both limited and limitless." With those words she stood up and started to walk away. I looked towards the stars one more time, thinking to myself what it was I had just done so wrong. Now, starting to stand myself, I turned around to seeing Astra in a full sprint heading towards me. I readied myself for impact but the impact never came. She wasn't running towards me.. She was running towards the edge and when I say she jumped. I mean she jumped. Without a blink I summoned Linx, telling him to get the ship ready and to catch me. As I pushed him towards my ship, falling backwards I began to fall after Astra. Looking down to her, she seemed calm, and she was. She was just enjoying the moment. The feeling off the fall, the strange weightlessness that comes along with it. She really enjoyed it. It was clear to me she hadn't thought about what would come next. I had almost caught up with her when Linx flew by us in the ship. Keep in mind I had almost no armor on. All I had on was my Luxe Parka and Treads. Don't get me wrong, I watched the footage back from my ships camera's and it looked totally awesome! But I'm not sure if it was worth it because what happened next really hurt. Oh yeah, I should probably tell you what happened next. As I caught her, she flipped over and just hugged me. There was a moment where all I could sense was her. Even my light seemed to flair up in that moment. I won't lie, it was nice, it was really nice. But then the wall started to get closer and closer and closer. Finally noticing, I activated my Sentinel Shield to use as something to catch the wind and slow the fall a small bit. The wall kept getting closer so I acted on my instincts. I flipped us so I was closest to the wall, putting an over-shield onto Astra, I took the impact of the wall, doing everything in my power to protect her. Below us my ship sat, hatch open ready to catch us. I call to ghost to start his descent to catch us. Usually I would just take the full force landing and let Linx heal me after but Astra couldn't do that. She wasn't a guardian so if anything was to happen, it'd be permanent. Kicking away from the towers wall, I aimed us for my ship. Luckily Linx is probably a better pilot than I'll ever be so he corrected any mistakes I made with the approach. Once again, flipping us over so I could take the impact, we landed inside the descending ship. Astra continued to hug me as we laid there. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I didn't know what to say to her. Was I to be angry, concerned maybe? In my defense I was trying to hide immense pain. She couldn't see it but parts of my body bad been torn clean off. Bonus of being an exo though, no blood. But the pain sensors go into overdrive which I guess is a fair trade off. When she finally lifted her head, she just looked at me and smiled. She was about to say something but that was the moment my ghost, Linx burst in and started saying a whole load of stuff. Though it was all very valid I gave him a look and he finished his line of speech very quickly. We talked about it later though so don't worry about that if you were. He had some very.. 'choice' words for me but let's move on from that shall we? An amount of time had passed and I was walking her back to her quarters. No words were exchanged but then again, they didn't really need to be. She closed her door and left both I and Linx to our business. As we walked back to the hanger, Linx smugly remarked, "You owe me guardian." ---------- Hey. If you've read this then I sincerely thank you!! This is the first part of nine so when I post the next one I'll come back and link it here if I can. Some feedback would be nice though not necessary. Much love, have a great day! You can find the next part here:

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