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8/30/2020 10:14:13 PM

Game Crashing 30min-2hours into play (Steam)

Having an issue where I'll boot up and anywhere between 30min to about 2 hours in the game hard freezes and I have to task manager (which shows not-responding) to close out and reboot. Playing on an overspec'd PC and have tried numerous fixes but still can't nail down the issue. Seems to happen more often during transitions/load scenes, but also just happens randomly. Any suggestions? Can't seem to find a support link anywhere... Things I've tried: Check Game Integrity (Twice, both times clean) Uninstall/reinstall Clear Cache Disable all background programs, overclocks, monitoring software Drop game settings to medium/low across the board Updating Windows Updating Drivers Updating BIOS Setup: Z170 Pro Gaming, EVGA GEFORCE GTX1070 FTW, Intel I7-6700k @ 4.0ghz, 32gb DDR3 RAM. Thanks in advance for the help!

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