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IDEA for Sparrow’s Bungie :)

I made this post because I love sparrows and I really miss SRL. So here are some Ideas For Sparrow’s. [b]My Idea[/b] free: Sparrows You could have Sparrows with tricks, add parts that we earn or buy for flipping and such. [b]Tuning for sparrows engine[/b]. (There’s so much you can add with this if wanted) [b]Parts[/b] Ideas : (fast and slow module ) (area speed boost,damage,healing,weapon perks,exotic finder) You could buy the exotic finder in Eververse Add a crucible game that gives Guns to Sparrows and have anti gravity mods to battle people upside down and ride on walls. Bungie I wanted to thankyou for all the hard work you put in. There’s a lot of stuff we don’t see that goes into this game. So thanks Bungie for all you do. SRL was so much fun!!! I liked the new armor (I main warlock) and it was nice to not have a robe for once ha ha all that aside [b][u]Also bungie please consider bring back SRL[/u][/b]

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