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8/21/2020 6:47:33 PM

Steam | Xur took exotic cipher instead of shards for first fated engram pull this reset

Hello, looking to get help and hopefully my exotic cipher back. I had logged onto my titan today for xur this week. Dropped down to the EDZ and went to his cliff I bought the pre-rolled spines for my hunter collections and didn't need the eternal warrior roll for my titan, nor the warlock piece as well. So I just went to grab a fated roll and switch characters. I bought the fated roll and then the engram immediately grayed out. I hovered back over it and it showed exotic cipher 0/1 after just one pull. I've been over level 55 for a couple of weeks now, cipher in my inventory and i've always been able to buy one fated with shards first and then optionally use the cipher for a 2nd. Which I thought was a waste untill beyond light drops and we might get one or two new world drop exotics I could use on my warlock which had a full collection of armor, to get the new exotic. I then looked in my recently discovered to see if maybe I just spaced and used shards to get one before and it went only one exotic after the pre-rolled spines I just bought. I feel rather cheated out of my cipher as I don't belive xur should have taken it before taking my shards.

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