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Only For a moment (FanFic)

Only For A Moment As the sun began to rise over old Russia. Rusted vehicles from the Golden Age sit in fields and rot. Reminates of the past can be seen for miles. “This waste land of the Cosmodrone must have what I’m looking for I just need to find a warrior. I must find this warrior from the past and bring it to life once more. I must find my chosen. I think to myself. As time passes and the searching seems to be ending with going back to the tower empty handed to the Vanguards. Just only for a moment it seems to be worthless and then it hits me. This warrior is dead right over there. I start to fly over to where the body is laying. “Well there you are!” I exclaim. As I start to revive this warrior I could see the light taking hold and giving the warrior life. “This is the greatest day of my life!” I yell. As soon as this warrior is revived and standing in front of me. I stare at the Guardian for a moment. Only for a moment I saw what a great and powerful warrior this Guardian will become. “Where am I?” The Guardian asked. “You are in Old Russia. But there isn’t much time to explain. We have to make our way to a ship and get to the tower..” I said to the Guardian. “Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s go break some heads.” The Guardian says. “Guardian this is a vast frontier and there are many enemies out there. You will learn soon enough. Let’s just get to a ship.” I said hastily. Years have passed since our first time meeting each other. Sadly it only lasted for what seemed a moment. In that moment I saw this Guardian defeat Crota, The Taken King, Uldren Sov and a few other strong and mighty champions of the Fallen, Cabal, Vex and the Hive. But sadly our adventures have been cut short and this Guardian has been put to rest now. In The Red War this Guardian was killed protecting the city when we were invaded by the Cabal. This Guardian stood strong, even though many others died. But the worst moment I can recall was when my Guardian’s light was taken away. That was the worst and still has been a haunting memory of mine when the Guardian’s lifeless body was on the street of the city and I couldn’t revive this champion of the Tower. In that moment when the light from my Guardian was lost I fell into a deep darkness that I have never felt before. A darkness that I should have never felt in my life time. But losing a companion like a Guardian of the Tower. It brings sadness to the whole Tower. Only for a moment I thought. Just like that life has no meaning for a Ghost with no Guardian. Now I must search for that right one again. Looking close and far for another great warrior of the Tower. Hoping that the next one won’t end up like my last one. Only time and war will tell what will succumb of my new Guardian.

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